2022, The Year When The Adventure Starts

NFT-Crap aims to be not only a game but an exciting experience for the members of our community. Because this is one of the first things we have planned for this upcoming year. We are preparing several adventures that will take place during the following months, with special attention to the one that will take place in May, during the Veecon. But long before that, ideally every month we will start to embrace the adventure by creating various exciting and challenging quests.

As we have already told our community, our aim is to establish a connection between the virtual and the real world through enigmas, riddles and games. The first will be held soon. Taking our discord as the board to our game we will start solving the first riddles. For this task you won’t be alone, we will ask you to form several groups of players who will need each other to solve the different enigmas. Together they will come across each step that will open the door to the following stage.

Both the participation and the solving of the different quests will have a payback, mainly in the form of POAPs. Those Poaps will lead to improvements on the character, further progress in the game or attending special editions and quests in the future.

All of the activities will be held mainly in the virtual world but also we will organise some others in the real world when possible and when applicable. Both will be connected, digital and real worlds, because that is what it makes it worth.

Let the game begin!



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