Clio Beruete
2 min readOct 5, 2021


NFT-Crap is willing to make a difference in this new scenario that blockchain and NFTs have brought up.

Since NFT-Crap was launched, we have minted an NFT every month, on the 5th. All of them have had their English and Spanish versions, 5 copies each.

With this fifth delivery, we want to explain carefully what our NFT project is.

Have you ever played live role games, enigmas, escape rooms or puzzles? NFT-Crap aims to connect the virtual world with the real one through a game. This game will use tokens that will enable participants to acquire abilities or useful elements to develop their role throughout the game. So, this is why our tokens are built around utility and community. This being said, it is not compulsory to buy one of our tokens to play our game. It will be an asset to improve your achievements. Your character will be your own wallet.

We have explained the utility, now we will deepen into community. We need to construct a strong community that helps us define the game and its purpose. We will promote good and healthy values, similar to those of the Veefriends community.

Gratitude — Self-Awareness — Accountability — Optimism — Empathy — Kindness — Tenacity — Curiosity — Patience — Conviction — Humility — Ambition — Kind Candor

And many more… They will be part of the flesh and bones of the project.

Our first online and offline role game experience will take place during the first Veecon conference in May, 2022. For this, we need you!

In the meantime, besides building a strong community around our project we will be celebrating virtual events such as puzzles, quizzes and missions. They will help our community members with tokens to gain experience points, abilities and status to develop their role in the virtual and the real life game.

Our community will be able to follow the development of the story through two main channels, Discord and Twitter. On both, we will communicate our next steps in the project and our NFTs minting.

We are now in an experimental phase that will last at least three years, along with the three Veecon events. It is a long term project, to build and develop a good game. Every year we aim to launch one book, with five chapters each, where we will enrich and develop the whole story around the game.

Come and play!



Clio Beruete

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