NFT-Crap Roadmap, where the project is headed

In NFT-Crap we are building a great role gaming experience using NFTs to meet the virtual plane with the real one. We have designed a roadmap displayed in five chapters.

The first chapter explains how the story is born and how the legend of Khepri becomes critical to the game. During Genesis, the Oracles open a space-time gap that connects the present time with the mythical city of Veel-Tark, the game board on which the rules, characters and adventures will take place. The chroniclers publish the first NFTs related to these events to document the Veel-Tark legends. Also the five arcane factions of knowledge start their activity. Different guilds enter the organization of the city and Discord becomes the magical space where the community can gather around “The Game”.

In the second chapter the fun begins. We encourage the repopulation, where the initial missions are agreed and granted to the Vernacular citizens. Later on, the Prophecy is revealed. 55 tokens of Khepri are released to reward the OG, after the first missions are accomplished.

The third chapter deepens into the community of Veel-Tark. The Oracles form an alliance assembling an experimental voting system to let the citizens of the community help guide its future. In this part of the story, Veel-Tark makes two important gestures. It grants its citizens some special rights to their NFTs. And it releases their first airdrops for the most active members of the community.

Veel-Tark establishes special missions that seek to satisfy the arcane powers so that they help them cross their universe with the Veefriend community and aims to become part of the Pre-Launch Program.

To accomplish this task the Oracles unearth part of the 5555 Vernacular tokens, 555 of them will be given to this extraordinary community as a gift. This occurs in chapter four, a moment in which all citizens and factions will have already defined their missions and know their attributions before the Veecon.

Just a step further, in chapter five, Khepri’s prophecy starts to be revealed. The virtual plain meets the real one. Join NFT-Crap Discord and enjoy the adventure.



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