Who’s who in NFT-Crap?

Clio Beruete
2 min readDec 5, 2021


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NFT-Crap is a project that aims to build a great role gaming experience using NFTs to gather together the virtual and real planes.

To make this happen a group of four professionals who share a bond have reunited to do so. We are all family and friends first. We’ve known each other since we were young and this is a project that we all care very deeply about. Not only because we believe in the revolution that NFTs bring to authors but because we want to help develop an open metaverse.

In that effort, our profiles make an ideal conjunction of expertises. Two of us have a computer engineering background, and the other two come from the communication world. But most importantly, we share our passion for role games, entrepreneurship, blockchain technology and NFTs.

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Pablo and Iago are cousins and since childhood they have created and developed many projects together. Role game playing has been one of their mutual passions and when they were teenagers they even organised the Tralasdragoles Sessions.

As adults, Pablo has become a Product Manager and Iago a software engineer. They are both entrepreneurs and strong members of the Spanish entrepreneurship ecosystem. Pablo is mentor of several startups in the Tetuan Valley Startup School and Iago in Las Rozas Innova. They both provide their mentees and their community with knowledge, support and guidance through their own entrepreneurship experience after building their own company called Videona.

Dani is the third member, a long lifetime friend. He is also a software engineer and entrepreneur. He co-founded Sincrolab, a platform aimed at the recovery and development of cognitive abilities. As we all are, he is a family man, and a restless learner.

Clio, on the other hand, is a journalist. With strong communication skills helps the team explain and build the storytelling of the game.

But this team of four is not alone. Many other collaborators have joined the adventure since the beginning. Storytellers, designers and a lot of developers have seen the potential of the project and want to help make it happen. If you feel the same, here is your opportunity to join NFT-Crap. Start by jumping on our discord.



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